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Saving Sunday #1

I always get rather excited when I find little ways to save a few dollars here and there. After finding these savings I like to share my little hidden gems with other people. In most cases, I have found that most people haven't found these little gems either. Now for some, they feel they have better things to do with their time or their time is more valuable to spend doing some of the things to save a few dollars. Understandable!! But if you are like me and you like small instant gratification, then in these weekly blogs I will teach you a few of the ways I have saved or earned a few dollars here and there. So to start let's talk about an easy one, Fetch Rewards. So with Fetch Rewards all you do is after you go to the grocery store you simple use the app on your phone and snap a picture of the receipt and upload it. To begin you will need to build a profile. If you want some bonus points for yourself and me, feel free to use my code when signing up. All of thes