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CBD and Josie weeks 5 and 6

Okay so I missed a week last weekend. Honestly I didn't feel that much had changed so I decided to wait until this week. We have finished giving Josie the entire first bottle. Now we can rightly compare the difference from start to the finish of the first bottle.  1. Soreness after exercise: If we go for an extremely long walk out on conversation land where she is running all over the place, then yes she will be sore later in the day. The difference is the time period is now takes for her to recover. Previously that would have been into the next day. Now it might be the end of the day. She takes a dog nap and seems to be okay.  2. Level of play: I remember trying to get her to play fetch and though she would want to, I was the one retrieving whatever I tossed. She would look at me like I was crazy for thinking she was going to go that far to retrieve something. Present day, we play more. She will play fetch for a longer time period than before. We took her to see her br