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Backyard patio

I have wanted a backyard patio for years. Being stuck at home during the stay at home orders opened a perfect opportunity to finally fulfill my wish.  The area right outside the door that lead to the backyard yielded the perfect spot for our patio. The area had always drove me crazy because it became a catch all for everything. Sometimes you could possibly find ladders, kayaks, hitch haulers, along with whatever else found a temporary home there. All of the displaced items were put into their rightful places and the area was cleaned of all items. The area was then tilled to loosen the ground and level it the best we could. We raked back and forth to get the dirt to lay where we thought it looked level. We removed whatever we felt was excess and not needed. That dirt was set aside to use later.  Next was a trip to the hardware store. Thick weed barrier, stakes, and a stamper completed the purchase. The stamper was used to pack the ground. This is a hard and tiring job that s

CBD Oil and Josie week 10

Well, it's been a while since I wrote an update. In the beginning the changes were fast and easily noticeable. I think we have now reached our plateau. It would be hard to keep writing weekly updates as there aren't many changes from week to week now. I may continue with monthly updates instead.  Labs are prone to bad hips and lose some of their mobility as they age. I watched the loss with a previous lab we owned and eventually he had to be put down. He was 16 years old but his mind was still viable. Putting a dog down who stills understands what you are saying but lacks the ability to even stand anymore is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever done. Experience is key in life! After we went through it, we made a decision to do the things needed to alivaite some of that pain and suffering for our next dog. No matter the cost! I remind myself, I went and chose Josie, she didn't come pick me out. I owe her the best life I am able to emotionally,  physic