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Grand Canyon

We made a pit stop last year on our cross country road trip taking our daughter to college and visited the Grand Canyon. It was on my bucket list to see in person.  We arrived, parked, and walked up the walkway to the very popular Mather Vister Center viewing area. Initially I thought this viewing was going to be enough to satisfy my bucket list wish.  Little did I know, I would instead be left unsatisfied and craving more.  I was instantly amazed at the enormity of the canyon. Pictures or television don't give this natural wonder of world enough justice. Until you are standing face to face with this beauty, you have no idea how minoot we as humans really are in nature. A few small bad steps, a slip or carelessness and she can eat you alive. I remember thinking, I wonder what the first settlers thought. Where would one even begin to try and cross this beast of a canyon. Did she take their breathe away? It's hard to even fathom how nature carved out this piece of lan