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Bryce National Park

We were lucky enough to travel to this gem two summers in a row. Though the park feels smaller than some of the other national parks we have traveled to, this park is definitely worthy of a stop during your travels.  I visited the last two years and really enjoyed both trips. My husband and I brought our adult children with us this year. This summer was a lot less hectic to visit with the Covid-19 Pandemic going on. As we traveled through the park up to many of the overlooks throughout the park there was little to no traffic. The previous year you had to strategically find parking. As we pulled into the Sunset Point parking lot I almost laughed at the abundance of parking. I recalled sitting the previous year and waiting for someone to leave to take their parking spot. The lot had no empty spots. We got lucky the previous year that we timed it just right. It was a small relief to not have any worry about parking this trip. Since we had just driven up to the top overlook and been in th