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Stitch Fix Review

I started a monthly subscription to Stitch Fix several months ago. I have adult children now and felt like I could finally afford to provide myself a much needed updated wardrobe. The clothes I had been wearing to work each day were of poor quality and several years old.  I remember my daughter coming into my closet and pulling several pieces out and stating how long I had been wearing them. She had recently graduated from high school and some prices she remembered me wearing when she was in elementary school. So I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. The hope was to find clothes that helped me look more professional and stylish. Cost: When Stitch Fix sends you a box they charge you up front a $20 styling fee. The good thing about the fee is it is applied to anything you purchase. So, as long as you purchase something from the box, you don't lose you $20 dollar styling fee.  The cost of the clothes varies tremendously based on what you style preferences are. I personally have cheaper

My favorite and least favorite US destinations: Hershey, PA

Hershey, PA sounds like the place should be as magically as Disney World right? This is the place Milton Hershey invented what we know today we Hershey chocolate. I had envisioned a magically town that would draw millions of visitors a year.  The town: When you first pull I to town there is a cute welcoming sign with chocolate candy bar characters, misleading you to think the rest of the town is decorated much like the sign. There are light poles that have what resemble Hershey Kisses on the top. Again misleading because these two things are about the only things that give any indication that you are in Hershey, PA. If you choose not to stay at the Hershey hotel and pay a small fortune to do so, then you will most likely be driving 10-20 minutes in and out of town to stay at another hotel. We stayed at a Holiday Inn in a neighboring community and had everyone in our dance studio's credit card information stolen and used fraudulently the same day as we checked in. Most o